Turkmen students won 11 medals from I-EMC’2021

Awarding Ceremony of I-EMC was held on 27th of March 2021. Organizers have announced the winners of the online competition which was held on 20th of March 2021.


 “Eduversal” organization from Indonesia organized massive event – International Eduversal Mathematics Competition (I-EMC’2021). Pupils from various school from all across Turkmenistan have participated at the Olympiad, and won overall 11 medals – 5 golden, 4 silver and 2 bronze


Nuryagdy Hanbayev, pupil of 24th secondary school of Dashoguz city specialized on foreign languages, has won the Absolute Winner Prize in primary school category.


Competition was held online and in 3 different age categories: primary (age below 12), junior (age 13-15), senior (age 16-18). Participants were given task to solve 40 maths problems within 2 hours. Participants were under strict surveillance to avoid any possible misconduct or abuse while carrying out the tasks.



Gold – Absolute WinnerNuryagdy HanbayevDashoguz city Secondary school #24Turkmenistan
GoldSoyun MyradovAshagabat city Secondary school # 27Turkmenistan
SilverBegench AkmyradovAshagabat city Secondary school # 49Turkmenistan
BronzeAnnanyyazov HakanAshagabat city Secondary school # 86Turkmenistan
BronzeIshanmyradov BegliAshagabat city Secondary school # 86Turkmenistan
Honorable MentionAtharv TripathiAshgabat International School (AIS)Turkmenistan


GoldAgamyradov RahymAshagabat city Secondary school # 86Turkmenistan
GoldMergen GayypowDashoguz city Secondary school #21Turkmenistan
SilverKerimguly BendovAshagabat city Secondary school # 86Turkmenistan


GoldJennet ZamanovaAshagabat city Secondary school # 86Turkmenistan
SilverJemal MammetgylyjovaBalkanabat Secondary School # 21Turkmenistan
SilverOrazmammet SaparovAshagabat city Secondary school # 86Turkmenistan


Hundreds of school pupils from 53 countries participated at the competition. Eduversal organizes I-EMC in order to encourage youth learning mathematics and natural science worldwide. Young seekers of knowledge from Turkmenistan also frequently participate in such events.


Source : ashgabat.in

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