International Math Contest for K-12 Students

This competition has now ended & the winner has been drawn.

Thank you to all who participated!

Fee: Only IDR 250K / $ 20

(Fee includes Access to: Webinar, Video Contest, Weekly Quiz, Syllabus, Questions Bank)

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Background and Aim

Komodo Math Competition 2023 (KMC 2023) aims to promote some admirable characteristics of the Komodo dragon to be emulated by everyone

Adaptability and initiative

In today’s rapidly changing environment, the diminishing availability of prey is a problem for predators. The Komodo dragon is not very choosy and can feed on many different animals. It will also actively chase its prey. For us, in a post-pandemic world where opportunity is still rather scarce, it is important to be highly adaptable and to have the initiative to find an opportunity.

Resilience and survival

When food is scarce, the Komodo dragon can survive eating very little. Some Komodo dragons have been reported to survive a whole year on only 1 meal per month. A large part of resources in our past-pandemic world is dedicated to healing the damage, leaving very little for many people. It is important to be able to survive on limited resources, and to come out of the crisis even stronger than before.


A common misconception states the Komodo dragon is a filthy animal. The truth is more nuanced, as there have been observations of the animal cleaning their mouth and body with trees and leaves. The pandemic has imparted on us the importance of self-care, cleanliness, and health. Both physical and mental well-being.

Why Join Komodo?

Fully Online

Join this global competition form the comfort of your home

Open and Inclusive

Any student can join, there is no pre-selection

Quality Questions

The problems are guaranteed to be original and interesting

Personal Report

All participant get detailed analysis their performance

Variety of Events

Includes Webinars, Pi Day Celebration, Weekly Quiz & Puzzle


Categories / Level


up to 10 years of age on the day of the competition


up to 12 years of age on the day of the competition


up to 15 years of age on the day of the competition


up to 18 years of age on the day of the competition

Math competition (every category)

Award Distribution


The top-scoring 5% of all participants


The top-scoring 6-15% of all participants


The top-scoring 16-30% of all participants

Honorable Mention

The top-scoring 31-50% of all participants

Puzzle and quiz (awarded every week for four weeks)

USD 10

One random person who answers the puzzle correctly

USD 10

One random person who answers the quiz correctly

Video contest for teachers (awarded once)

USD 100

1st winner

USD 50

2nd winner

USD 100

Most liked video on youtube