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There is a saying that the best way to learn is by teaching others. Students, teachers, or anyone, are invited to submit a video in which they explain a math topic and solve a question from the previous year’s event.

How can I join Komodo Video Contest?

During the registration period, there will be a video contest. Any student, teacher, or any math enthusiast can participate in this contest. The steps are as follows:

Create Video

Create a video where you are solving a question from the previous year’s Komodo Competition. The questions can be downloaded here (komodocompetition.com/resources)

Edit Video

You are welcome to process or edit the video, to make it more interesting or understandable. Unedited footage, if clear and understandable enough, can also be submitted.

Final Result

The final result must be at most 5 minutes long. The video must contain two parts:
1) Explaining some mathematical concepts. ( Related to the question being solved)
2) Solving the Komodo Competition Questions.

Submit Video

Complete the information and paste your video link on the required form. Note: by submitting a video, the participant grants Eduversal the right to publish the video on Eduversal’s Youtube account.

Important Dates

Video Content Submission Deadline

14 March 2023

Video Popularity Contest

14 - 28 March 2023

There will be two winners of the video contest. The first winner is decided by Eduversal’s internal committee, judging based on the video’s correctness and understandability. The second winner is decided by a popularity contest, by counting the Likes on the video published in Eduversal’s Youtube account. Both winners will receive the same amount of prize.