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KOMODO Math Festival Fee is USD $15 and if it’s converted to Rupiah around Rp.210.000,00, But if payment is made in Early Bird period you will get 20% Discount before 02 March 2022.

For registration you can go through KOMODO Math festival Website https://KOMODOmathfestival.com/ , You can Create an account, Data Registration, And make a payment.

You are officially registered when you created account, Finish registration data, Make a payment, And the will also notification that will enter to participants contact.

Early Bird Registration until before 02 March 2022, Register now & Make a payment

For payment before 02 March 2022 you will get a discount 20%, So don’t forget to register.

Asia-Pacific: 09.00 (GMT+7)

Africa & Europe: 15.00 (GMT+7)

Americas : 23.00 (GMT+7)

For this time, The committee will follow this hours, If there are changes there will be a notification

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